Thursday, May 8, 2014

Harden Your Babies

Yep, that's the task of the day, and for the duration of this week. Today, you'll need to take your very first plantings outside to enjoy the sunshine (and even if it happens to be raining). The only time you will avoid this task today is if the outside temperature is below 40 degrees.

Remember those dates. This week you'll be introducing what you planted on March 20 to the sunshine and other natural occurrences. Today it's an hour or so. Tomorrow - 2 hours. The next day - 3 hours, and so on. This is very important, because on the 15th these babies will be spending the rest of their lives out in the garden.

This week is important in another way too. This week you'll need to start getting your garden plot ready, because also next week, quite a few seeds will be being planted directly into the garden. At one row a day, you will need five rows ready to go by the 15th.

The basis for much of my planning is a very helpful book called Square Foot Gardening. The premise of the book was how to grow quite a few things in a very small space. Since my season is too short for much of that, I can't crunch things together like they do, but it's still very valuable. One thing I do is make my rows 4 feet wide. My rows happen to be 40 feet long. So when I say prepare one row a day, it's a pretty good task.

Happy Gardening
Enjoy the sun

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