Thursday, April 17, 2014

Starting More Seeds

There's still some snow out there, but the not yet green ground is starting to show through. But it's time to start some more seeds.

16 broccoli 
4 cabbage
20 cauliflower
And today, we'll start 4 lettuce. Remember, leaf lettuce is different and handled more like spinach, so if you prefer leaf lettuce, just hold off and follow the same directions for spinach when it comes up.

Like last time, you'll need to find room for 3 more six-packs of broccoli, 1 of cabbage, 4 of cauliflower, and now 1 of lettuce. So this is the contents of another tray plus one. Remember to date them. This dating will become very important before too much longer.

How's that for an easy day?

See you next time

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