Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time to Order Those Seeds

It's February and the coldest part of winter, usually. However spring isn't so far away so it's time to order those seeds. After all I'll be starting some of my seeds indoors around the middle of March.

Since I first created my list of seeds, my list has grown shorter as I discovered things that either just don't do well here, or things no one is the slightest bit interested in eating.

Here's my list:
  • beets - two packages
  • broccoli - 1 package
  • brussel sprouts - 1 package
  • bush beans - 48 packages
  • cabbage - 1 package
  • carrots - 1 package
  • cauliflower - 1 package
  • kohlrabi - 3 packages
  • head lettuce - 1 package (I really don't care much for leaf lettuce)
  • parsnips - 1 package
  • bush-style peas - 5 packages
  • spinach - 8 packages
  • turnips - 1 package
  • potatoes - 480 sets (if you buy potato sets)
  • bush zucchini squash - 2 packages
In the event that some things can't be found:
  • rutabagas can be replaced by turnips
  • salsify can be replaced by parsnips
Don't forget to get enough planting flats for this project and enough potting soil. I'd recommend a big bag. And maybe about 20 flats with the small six-pack fillers. One year I kept all the planting flats and fillers from the lodge so that's one thing I won't have to worry about. You'll also want some means of dating your plantings since starting, hardening, and planting will be staggered to extend harvest and decrease the all-at-once work.

Did I forget anything? Probably. Oh and don't forget all those nifty tools you'll need. Mostly I use the potato fork for turning over the rows and a rake to smooth it out. I use a trowel for some of the deeper planting. Most everything else can be pocked in the ground with your finger; it's what I do.